CES 2013: More Than One Attendee Will Likely Leave Without Their Mobile Device

Over 6,900 laptops and tablets will be stolen in the US during CES

Everyone is carefully following the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas these days to see what’s new on the tech scene. However, according to experts, it’s likely that more than one CES attendee will leave Vegas without their mobile device.

An infographic released by Novell reveals that with over 150,000 attendees, CES can be a hotspot for thieves.

Statistically speaking, over 6,900 laptops and tablets will be stolen in the United States during the four days of CES 2013. 52% of them will be stolen at work (or the office), 24% at a conference, 13% in a meeting room, and 6% in a car.

Losing a mobile device is certainly bad, but losing the information stored on it can be much worse. Recent studies have shown that stolen devices often store company information, passwords, databases, tax ID numbers, electronic documents, business plans and other sensitive details.

Furthermore, while CES might be a hotspot for thieves, it can also be one for hackers, especially since millions of megabytes of information are being transferred.

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