CES 2013: McAfee and Intel Redefine Consumer Security, Offer Personalized Solutions

Demonstrations are being given to partners at the Consumer Electronics Show

Intel and McAfee are determined to revolutionize security by delivering personalized solutions capable of protecting every aspect of a consumer’s digital life.

“As consumers live their lives online and use two, three, or more different types of devices to accommodate their online lifestyles, their needs are evolving,” Gary Davis, vice president of consumer marketing for McAfee, explained.

“Given this paradigm shift, McAfee is relentlessly focused on keeping consumers’ online lives safe so every user can fully explore the possibilities of today’s digital age. It is no longer good enough to just protect a device from a particular piece of malware; instead we need to protect what a consumer does online no matter the device or where it is used.”

The new solution offered by McAfee focuses on three key aspects: safeguarding devices, personal data security, and identity protection.

This ensures that all types of devices – including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices – are properly protected by security services available in the cloud and “cross-device.”

The identity protection mechanisms, which have become very important ever since consumers started constantly sharing information online, secures identity and personal information from theft and misuse.

Finally, simplified technologies safeguard personal data to ensure that it remains personal, regardless of the location where it’s stored.

“Security is an essential component of any computing experience,” noted Don Harbert, general manager, security software and services division at Intel. “Bringing technologies and innovations from McAfee and Intel together allows us to further strengthen our leadership in protecting and enhancing the digital lives of consumers.”

The solutions are already available in beta to partners, demonstrations being held these days at CES. Consumer versions of the new product will become available sometime in mid-year 2013.

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