CES 2013: MSI Reveals Its First Keyboards

The company tries to make a good impression with mechanical switches

Since we've already seen MSI's usual brood, we may as well take a look at the oddballs in the company's CES 2013 exhibition.

And by oddballs we mean the first ever peripherals that the company has created, though likely not the last.

Two keyboards have been introduced, called GK Series and GS Series. Both of them have mechanical switches (Cherry MX Red) and 104 keys (each).

Obviously, they boast the QWERTY key layout as well, the most common arrangement on these peripherals.

50 macro combinations and 5 profiles are part of the offer as well. Hardcore gamers will appreciate those.

The GK series also has an orange or blue strip, purely for decoration.

Micro-Star International will start shipping these devices at some point this year. The prices are to be determined.

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