CES 2013: LG Intros Some OLED TVs as Well, in the US

The displays have actually been up for pre-order in Korea for a while

Since Samsung has announced new OLED TVs, LG wasn't about to let CES 2013 pass by without doing something similar.

LG isn't actually launching anything new in terms of OLED though. After all, its new 55-inch WRGB OLED TV has been up for pre-order in Korea for days.

The official US pricing is of $11,999 / 9,142-11,999 Euro, well beyond even the equivalent of the Korean price ($10,000).

That said, the LG OLED TV is 4 mm-thick (0.15 inches) and weighs under 22 pounds / 997 grams, so it cannot be said that the company isn't offering any justification for expecting that huge sum of money.

LG even tossed in the Four Color Pixel system (white is added to green, red and blue, hence WRGB) and the Color Refiner technology.

LG even claims that the TV has an “infinite” contrast ratio (makes sure outlines and shades are always clearly defined, regardless of ambient light or viewing angles).

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