CES 2013: Harman Intros JBL Speaker Docks

There will be both Bluetooth and Lightning-connected models

As far as the audio market goes, Harman is heavily involved in the segment for high-end audio output devices and uncommon gadgets, which is why its CES 2013 exhibition will be rich in speaker docks.

The company has announced three JBL speaker docks: the OnBeat Mini, the Charge and the Rumble.

Rumble is the most expensive, at $399 / 399 Euro, but with good reason. It uses an Apple Lightning connector and can stream music from non-Lightning devices as well.

Various DJ mobile apps work with it, which means that iPhones, iPods and iPads will easily stream music through it.

The OnBeat Mini is a portable speaker dock that also has a Lightning connector but doesn't have the same audio quality. It is more portable though. Its price is $149 / 149 Euro.

Finally, the JBL Charge, also priced at $149 / 149 Euro, is a portable stereo speaker with Bluetooth and a battery that lasts for 12 hours. It can even charge connected mobile devices. It doesn't have Lightning connectors though.

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