CES 2013: HGST's Travelstar 1 TB HDD of $99.99 / 75.84-99.99 Euro

It has a rotary speed of 7200 RPM and is just one of many new magnetic storage units

HGST, formerly Hitachi, has completed its latest Travelstar-series hard disk drive, one that will start shipping later this quarter (Q1 2013).

A 2.5-inch unit, it has a platter speed of 7200 RPM and a price of $99.99, or 75.84 Euro according to exchange rates.

Of course, given European price trends, it is more likely that the price on the old continent will be closer to 99.99 Euro.

Overall, the 2.5-inch 1 TB Travelstar HDD could very well be considered a cheaper alternative to high-end Constellation or Scorpio Blue HDDs.

On a related note, HGST has also prepared the 1 TB G-DRIVE Mini and a 2 TB G-RAID Mini.

Sadly, even now hard drives continue to sell for more than they should, or would have if the Thai floods hadn't happened in late 2011.

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