CES 2013: Corsair's K95 Vengeance Keyboard and M95/M65 Mice

They have been designed based on feedback from customers that bought the K90 last year

Having had a year to read customer reactions to the K90 keyboard, Corsair has launched the K95 Vengeance Keyboard and the M95 and M65 gaming mice, which are part of the same series.

Like so many other IT companies around the world, Corsair is attending this year's edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013).

The three main stars at its booth are the aforementioned K95 keyboard and M95/M65 mice.

The main problem that people had with the K90 keyboard was the use of a membrane for the keys, instead of individual mechanical switches.

While membrane is the common choice for keyboards, gaming keyboards usually do better than that.

Sure enough, the new K95 not only has a brushed aluminum body, but also employs Cherry MX Red switches on every single key.

That means all the standard keys, the arrows, the numpad and the 18 dedicated macro toggle buttons.

Corsair also tossed in a better backlighting system for the keys. The illumination on each key can be switched on or off on a whim.

All in all, the keyboard is a fine piece of work, although the price of $150 might not sit well with some people (114-150 Euro).

Speaking of high prices, the M95 and M65 aren't really much better in that regard. The former has a tag of $79 (60-79 Euro) and the later bears a tag of $69 (52-69). Both use 8200 DPI sensors and have unibody aluminum cases.

The M95 has 15 programmable buttons and enough storage space for six profiles that can be switched on the fly. The M65 lacks these extra but does have the DPI adjuster.

"Our first generation keyboards and mice were designed to translate thoughts into action with ruthless efficiency," said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and general manager of the peripherals business unit at Corsair.

"We've honed that competitive advantage to a new level of precision with the Vengeance K95, M95, and M65, creating next-generation mice and keyboards to help keep gamers at the top of the leaderboards."


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