CES 2013: BenQ Releases Full HD 3D Projectors

The company is in full form, releasing video devices of all sorts, more or less

BenQ has already mostly filled its monitor quota, and it even has some unusual new ones out and about, but it makes other types of products as well, like projectors.

In fact, the company launched two projectors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013).

Both of them can create 2D and 3D images in a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Then again, it would have been a deal breaker if 1080p quality hadn’t been supported.

The image size can be of up to 100 inches in width from a distance of as little as six feet.

Furthermore, BenQ tossed in the NVIDIA 3D Play technology and the DPL Link, plus dual HDMI ports and color calibration.

The names of the projectors are W1070 and W1080ST. There doesn't seem to be any big difference between them, although the latter, aimed at consumers without large rooms, can enter an "Auto Blank" mode that blocks light output when objects are detected in front of the lens.

The prices are of $1,099 / 1099 Euro and $1,299 / 1,299 Euro.

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