CES 2013: Atmel Showcases Flexible Touchscreen, ASUS Confirms Tablet

ASUS is the first company on the market that will use this technology

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is getting more interesting as Atmel is now showcasing the XSense flexible touch sensor.

Especially aimed at curved devices, the flexible touchscreen allows for new form factors that could kill buttons once and for all from smartphones, tablets or other touch-capable devices.

But what’s more important is that Atmel has already signed the first client right at CES. ASUS has announced that it’ll use the flexible touch sensor to build a new tablet scheduled to hit the shelves sometime this quarter.

Of course, information on this tablet is pretty scarce for the time being, but expect to see more companies adopting the new technology in the upcoming months, as flexible touchscreens seem to be the new trend in the continuously growing mobile market.

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