CES 2012: Samsung Demos 14-Inch Transparent Screen

It supposedly uses the first and largest transparent OLED panel

Samsung's exhibition at CES 2012 is not limited to Chromeboxes or the expected range of displays and media products.

What the company has also brought along, according to reports, is a very special mobile computer.

Only in prototype stage for now, the 14-inch notebook features a transparent screen.

Transparent panels aren't a new idea, but Samsung does stand apart through its use of an OLED solution instead of an LCD.

In fact, the company claims this is the first and largest OLED prototype ever presented to the public.

Average transparency for displays hovers at 25%, but Samsung's newcomer reaches up to 40%, when turned off.

Unfortunately, no specifications have been made public, and it is impossible to tell when transparent notebooks and gadgets will actually become reality.

The folks at Engadget were able to shoot a video of the thing in action during their visit to Samsung's booth.

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