CBS Anchor Rob Morrison Accused of Choking Wife in Domestic Dispute

Police responded to a disturbance call at Connecticut home, took Morrison in custody

Rob Morrison, an anchor for CBS affiliate WCBS, is now making headlines after being arrested at his home in Connecticut after allegedly putting a beating on his wife whom, at one point, he also tried to strangle. Ashley Morrison is a financial news anchor.

Details of the incident are still a bit scarce right now, but NewsDay reports that police responded to a domestic disturbance call at the house.

When they arrived there, they noticed visible marks on Morrison’s body that indicated that he had been beating and choking her.

“WCBS anchor Rob Morrison has been arrested by police in Connecticut after an alleged domestic violence incident. Police received a phone call from Morrison's mother-in-law reporting that there was a domestic altercation taking place at her daughter's residence,” NewsDay reports.

“Morrison's wife had red marks on her neck when police arrived, authorities said. Morrison is accused of using both hands to choke her. While being arrested, Morrison allegedly made threats to harm his wife, which were overheard by officers,” the same media outlet notes.

No word yet on whether alcohol was a factor in the dispute but the mugshot now making the rounds online shows Morrison sporting facial injuries himself.

“Morrison is being charged with second-degree strangulation, second-degree threatening and disorderly conduct. Morrison posted $100,000 [€74,749] bond and is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday,” the aforementioned media outlet says.

So far, Morrison himself has not issued any kind of statement on the incident.

According to other reports online, Mrs. Morrison refused medical attention and might not be pressing charges against her husband.

A lawyer for the family says that this was just a “misunderstanding” which has been “greatly exaggerated” by the media. The same attorney states that the Morrisons know the truth will come out to light eventually.

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