Bypass the Windows Vista Logon Screen

For a local computer

If Windows Vista has ever booted on your computer, then you are familiar with the boot screen. Vista will display the logon screen in case there are multiple user accounts or if the single user has set up a password. Of course that the simplest way to circumvent the Windows Vista logon screen, if you own the only user account on your machine, is to do without the password. This will cause the operating system to not display a logon screen during start up. A single user with no password will be automatically logged on.

But if you share your machine with other users then you might also want to have Windows Vista directly logon into your account, or one of the accounts. There are of course various reasons for doing this. If you find yourself hugging the machine while the other users rarely use it, then you might want to skip the logon screen.

Additionally, even if you are the sole users, you still might have set up a password just to have access to added functionality like remote connections. You wouldn't be able to connect remotely to a Windows Vista account that is not password protected.

Anyway, if you were expecting a hack I have to disappoint you. This is nothing more than simple account management. You will have to click the Start sphere, then enter "cmd" in the search box. In the Command Prompt window write "control userpasswords2" and hit enter.

Windows Vista will now ask you to elevate the privileges of the process so do it and you will be face to face with a window for User Accounts. Toward the top you will be able to see the option "users must enter a username and password to use this computer." Select the account you wish to alter and then uncheck the option. You will then be prompted with an Automatically Log On window, in which you will have to enter your name and password.

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