Buyout Is Best Way to Innovate, Dell Open Letter Says

Dell customers needn't be worried about the future of their favorite products

Dell recently confirmed it was going private, and HP was quick to pipe up and say the move would leave customers in the “curb,” so the company's founder felt some verbal reassurance was in order.

In an open letter, Michael Dell says that it took the company private because it is the easiest way to “innovate, invest for growth and accelerate our transformation strategy.”

Normally, he would not have had to do this, since he is just repeating previous promises, but the way HP and others are condemning the buyout made it necessary.

That said, the company will focus on providing “a fantastic customer experience and creating value for your organization.”

Basically, nothing bad will happen to Dell's existing product chains, though some changes will definitely be enacted.

Find the complete letter here, on the company website.

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