Buying the Homefront IP Was a Great Deal for Crytek

The studio had already invested in the upcoming Homefront 2

Crytek has confirmed that the recent acquisition of the rights to the Homefront franchise was a steal, as the studio is quite confident in the work it's done with Homefront 2 and wants to continue working on it in the future.

The bankruptcy of struggling publisher THQ meant that many of its franchises and internal studios were sold to the highest bidders.

In case of the Homefront franchise, the winner was Crytek, the studio who was already working with THQ on Homefront 2.

According to Crysis 3 producer Michael Read, Crytek had already invested in the franchise and the acquisition was a steal because lots of gamers already know about Homefront.

"We spent a lot of time and a lot of money working with THQ on this IP," Read told VideoGamer.

"We had to turn around and go, do we want to bring this in-house? Is this something that's worth our time? And we felt it was. We paid just over half a million a dollars for it, which is kind of a steal for an IP that had a lot of push behind it."

Homefront 1 was made by THQ's own Kaos Studios but, once the game was shipped and the sales weren't that impressive, the publisher closed down the developer and revealed that it's outsourcing Homefront 2 to Crytek's UK division.

During the bankruptcy auction, Crytek purchased the rights to the series immediately without any competing bids.

"[Homefront] was one of those games that people were like, it was there, but it wasn't there," Read continued. "It almost hit the mark, and... We're far along, I've seen a lot of it and it looks awesome."

As of yet, Homefront 2 is still in development and it's unclear just what it's going to focus on or on what platform it's actually going to appear.

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