Buyer Orders GTX 470, Gets Unreleased GTX 465 Instead

GTX 470 with toned-down specs

Even though the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 haven't exactly been selling for very long, the web is already filled with talk of the upcoming Fermi model known as the GTX 465. So far, this card's specs have only been hinted at or speculated, but an unusual situation has arisen that seems to have shed light on the complete set of performance numbers. To be more specific, a possible manufacturing or shipment mix-up led to what looks like a GTX 465 mis-labeled as a GTX 470.

This forum thread reveals how a user decided to buy a Galaxy GTX 470 GC. Sure enough, he eventually got his order, packed in the appropriate package and equipped with the correct custom cooler. However, when it came to installing the driver, a red flag was raised as the adapter was not recognized as compatible.

The user resolved this by changing the PCI device ID of the GTX 470 line in the NV_DISP.INF. Predictably, things only got more interesting as the consumer investigated further. A subsequent navigation to the system information tab, and tests using GPU-Z, revealed that, in fact, the adapter was flagged as a GTX 465.

The only conclusion drawn was that, perhaps, the product was a GTX 470 mistakenly loaded with a 465 bios. This means that the upcoming 465 is nothing more than a GTX 470 with some disabled stream processors, less memory and a lower interface.

For better or worse, this incident, at least, revealed the specifications of the upcoming video board. The GF100 runs at 608MHz, while the 1GB of GDDR5 has a clock speed of 3208MHz. Furthermore, the shaders operate at 1215MHz and the memory interface is of 256 bits. Finally, the graphics controller seems to support CUDA, despite the fact that previous rumors said this feature would not be included on this model.

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