Buy Nook HD+, Get Nook Simple Touch for Free

Weak holiday sales demand swift and radical action

Barnes & Noble had good e-reader sales a couple of years ago, but things have changed a lot, and even its newest tablets have failed to reignite customer interest.

Over the past month, we have learned of plans to abandon Nook Devices altogether and go private.

Just which of these things happen depends on how much longer the drop in Nook sales lasts.

Sadly, there are no signs of improvement after the disastrous 26 percent year-over-year drop in Nook sales during the December holidays.

B&N's devices have been selling so poorly that the bookstore chain is now offering the $79 / 60-79 Euro Nook Simple Touch e-reader free of charge to anyone who buys a Nook HD+ tablet ($269 / 207-269 Euro).

At this point, it is more a matter of depleting remaining inventories than encouraging interest in the hopes of a rebirth of the hardware division.

The offer lasts until March 30.

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