Buy-Back: 1,500 Items Collected as LA Offers Groceries for Guns

Handguns and shotguns have been exchanged for $100 (€75) gift cards

More than 1,500 rifles and handguns have been turned in as Los Angeles police organized a buy-back program, offering groceries for guns.

You can watch as lines form on Wednesday, December 26, in Van Nuys and south LA. Police pulled the guns from circulation, under a “no questions asked” policy.

This smart move comes in the wake of the Sandy Hook, Newtown tragedy, in which 27 people were shot. The incident prompted massive gun control debates, with many asking the president to stand behind a ban on assault weapons.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, handguns and shotguns have been exchanged for $100 (€75) Ralphs grocery store gift cards. Those turning in assault weapons received double that amount, and even people that brought in non-functioning weapons have been compensated.

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