The Ultimate Anti-Spy Gadget: Tape Recorder Blocker!

The device makes all recordings blank by emitting a sub-audible tone

If you're feeling a bit paranoical, and you think somebody is tapping in on you, better take a look at this ultimate anti-spy gear. The Tape Recorder Blocker has a special design that blocks out both digital and tape recorders in addition to a wide range of microphones that are used in transmitters and bugging devices.

Here's how it works. The device emits a sub-audible tone that practically turns all recordings blank. Needles to say, no terrestrial human can detect this tone. The thing features a built-in clock that doubles up as a desktop item that can be camouflaged by placing a telephone on top of it. The Tape Recorder blocker also comes with a smart document holder so you can carry it around and still use it portably via built-in rechargeable batteries that will give 2.5 hours of protection.

It has a remote control that lets you turn it on or off; the suppression distance for digital recorders stand at 0.5 meters to 2 meters, while the 3 meters to 8 meters tape recorder range will give you less trouble. The device has 100 degrees and 80 degrees for horizontal and vertical suppression beam widths and its remote control has a maximum range of 7 meters.

Note to the paranoid: the Tape Recorder Blocker is not legal in the European Union and should not be used near hospitals, medical equipment, in aircraft, or potentially explosive atmospheres. It can also interfere with the operation of technical installations causing fire or explosions. So, it looks like this device is perfect for terrorists who want to safely plan by phone blowing up things. Mr. W. George Bush, are you reading this? Hello?

It's priced at err, 2. 232 British pounds (about 4.382 US$).

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