Businesses Warned of FDIC Malware-Spreading Emails

We meet again with BredoZp and Zbot-EZ malicious elements

Experts warn that a new wave of malicious emails has been discovered, targeting companies and infecting the computers of those who open their attachments.

Graham Cluley informs us that SophosLabs intercepted a large number of emails that pretend to originate from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Bearing the subject FDIC: About your business account, the notification claims that the email’s attachment contains an important information about the recipient’s bank, regarding loans, accounts and “how vendors can file claims against the receivership.”

The attached file looks something like and the archive contains a couple of pieces of malware identified by Sophos as Mal/BredoZp-B and Mal/Zbot-EZ.

Users, especially those who stumble upon these emails from their work computers, are advised to ignore the claims and refrain from opening the attachments.

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