Bus Driver Fights, Beats Up High-School Passenger in Baltimore

The driver administers a beating on a "disrespectful" high-school student

A disturbing video brings to light yet another incident in which a bus driver abuses his or her position, in this case actually beating up a minor.

The Public Transit operator from Baltimore loses her temper after a high-school student plays music too loud, on the bus.

The driver snaps, grabs her hair, and hits the girl. At one point the teenager is backed into a corner, completely overpowered. When the beating ends, without the teen fighting back, the driver explains she administered the correction because the high-school student was being "disrespectful."

TMZ writes that the 9-year employee has been placed on suspension, following an investigation into the incident, according to Baltimore MTA.

Just one month ago, a video surfaced of a bus driver from Cleveland uppercutting a female passenger, before throwing her off the bus. Artis Hughes received a lot of public support, having been physically and verbally abused beforehand, but to no avail. He was fired from his position, as we reported not long ago.

Please note that user discretion is recommended, as the video contains graphic imagery and language that may be offensive.

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