Buried Kids' Father 911 Call Emerges, Police Recover Pot and Guns from Residence

The children were trapped under dirt on an illegal building site set up by the father

After the Stanley, North Carolina search for two children trapped in a construction pit has come to a bitter end, with rescuers finding their lifeless bodies, the father's 911 call has emerged.

Jordan Arwood prays and asks the dispatcher to hurry up in deploying emergency teams to the location, describing losing visual contact with the kids.

“Please hurry, the entire wall collapsed on them. Send everybody you can. I mean everybody,” he says.

"Can you see your kids at all?” he is asked.

“No I cannot. They're covered under maybe ten feet (three meters) of dirt. The entire wall collapsed on them," he answers.

Arwood's six-year-old daughter and her seven-year-old cousin were killed in the accident. WCCB Charlotte detailed that the kids were trapped on an unauthorized construction site set up by him.

Arwood had been digging there for the last two weeks in an effort to build a home with two underground floors.

WCNC reveals that police officers have seized weapons and marijuana from Arwood's home after being called in for the recovery operation. Reports show that he is a convicted felon and it is illegal for him to possess firearms.

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