Burglars Mark Homes with Symbols, Let Others Know About Good Targets

A crossed circle implies that there is “nothing worth stealing” there

Police in Torbay, Devon, in the UK, have deciphered burglars' symbols, used to mark homes that they looted.

They apparently use these sings to help other criminals, and let them know which homes to target. The Daily Mail republished this list of signals, originally posted by the police department on their Twitter account.

As you can see, you too may be in danger, if you home was marked with an X or something that resembles a flower.

“Knowledge is power. If we're aware of it happening we can see if there have been any burglaries in the area and we can analyse the data to gather intelligence,” Steve Fleetwood of the Torbay police says.

Just to be safe, if you are a “vulnerable female,” I guess it would be better to mark your own house with a crossed circle, to let crooks know there is “nothing worth stealing” there.

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