Burglar Caught on Hidden Camera Stealing Kitchen Sink

He walked into a police “capture house” and gave them enough proof to lock him up

Burglar Daniel Patchett, of Bradford, West Yorkshire, in the UK, is facing eight months in prison after being caught on tape while stealing a kitchen sink.

As CCTV footage reveals, he walked out of the empty residence carrying a large kitchen sink. The thief then made a run for it, taking the sink with him.

What Patchett didn't know is that he had chosen the wrong house to rob, as he walked into a police trap. Officers had installed hidden cameras in a deserted home, just to see what bites. Said residence is ominously referred to as a “capture house.”

I dub Patchett the unluckiest thief in Bradford, especially since he only got away with a measly sink. As you can see on the right side of the screen, he tried to remove a boiler, helped by an accomplice, but failed.

Even the presiding judge in his case was quoted by the Daily Mail making fun of the 20-year-old unskilled thief.

“It seems it was a police capture house. It certainly caught you on the CCTV,” he says.

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