Bunnies Gone Haywire Keep Attacking Cars at the Denver Airport

The furry beasts enjoy feasting on spark plug cables and other wiring

The staff at the Denver International Airport must now figure out a way to deal with an army of bunnies which have really taken a liking to attacking whatever cars they happen to find parked in and around the airport.

Apparently, the furry beasts very much enjoy hiding under the cars, simply because they want to keep warm.

This might not be such a big issue if it were not for the fact that the bunnies also spend significant amounts of time feasting on the vehicles' spark plug cables and other wiring.

Needless to say, this habit of theirs more often than not leads to the cars' owners having to spend heavy money on getting their vehicles fixed.

Sky News quotes one of the airport's employees, who made a case of how, “I see at least dozens every morning. They go hide under the cars and the cars are warm.”

Despite the fact that roughly 100 bunnies are caught and relocated on a monthly basis, the problem is far from being solved.

By the looks of it, spraying fox urine around the airport might help keep these perpetrators at bay.

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