Bungie’s Destiny Has Powerful, Future-Proof Graphics Engine

The team wants to keep the series relevant for ten years

Chris Butcher, the leader of the engineering team working on Bungie’s Destiny, says that his company has created new technology for the coming game that can be used in the near future without fear of it becoming obsolete.

The developer tells The Official Xbox Magazine that, “We have an entirely new graphics engine and a fully featured world builder that gives out artists more expressive power than they’ve ever had before.”

Hao Chen, the senior graphics architect, adds, “Over the last four years we have built a truly state of the art engine. It’s by design multiplatform; it’s highly multithreaded, scales very well to the current generation and the future generation of hardware.”

The features that Bungie has added to its engine include multi resolution terrain systems, designed to create more realistic environments with forests, rivers and other features, real-time lighting and other cool mechanics.

Apparently, the technology included in Destiny will exist in some form or another for the next ten years and will power all the video games in the new Bungie series.

When Bungie left the Halo series and its collaboration with Microsoft and moved to Activision, the two companies entered into an agreement that mentioned four core titles and four expansions that would be launched over a ten-year period.

Bungie has created an impressive set of engine tools for the Halo series.

Destiny will take gamers to the far future, traveling the galaxy in order to get resources and solve quests, trying to serve Earth and discover the mystery associated with an alien that is protecting the planet.

The game is at the moment set to be launched on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 but also on next-generation devices from Sony and Microsoft.

More information about Destiny will be revealed in the coming months, with a focus on the story and shooter mechanics.

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