Bullying Animation “To This Day” Goes Viral – Video

Shane Koyczan's video takes the online community by storm

The animation below is now bouncing back and forth between Internet users, simply because countless people find themselves resonating with the ideas and truths “To This Day” brings forth.

Long story short, the video is all about bullying and its effects on people.

Still, what sets it apart from other anti-bullying campaigns is the fact that Shane Koyczan's manner of approaching the subject is a highly emotional one.

Thus, the animation basically revolves around Shane Koyczan's experience as a bullied child, and around his witnessing other people being treated in the same manner.

The video first made it online on February 19, yet is has already managed to score over 1 million views.

“This is probably the best thing I've watched in a long time. I know the feeling; thank you for putting it into words,” reads one comment to this animation.

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