Bullied 19-Year-Old Bodybuilder Georgina McConnell Responds to Haters

It’s up to you not to like how I look, gold medalist at the UKBFF writes on Facebook

At 19, Georgina McConnell, from the UK, has interests that vary considerably from those of most teen girls. She’s statuesque, she’s incredibly muscular and she’s very dedicated to bodybuilding. As it happens, she’s also being bullied, both in real life and online.

Georgina, who tells the Daily Mail she started training intensely about 2 years ago, won the gold medal in the UKBFF (UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) North East Championships over the summer, and she’s looking forward to a stellar career in bodybuilding.

However, as she explains in a post on her official Facebook, she can’t ignore the nasty comments that some people are making about her muscular build, so she’s writing to let them know that, as the saying goes, “her body her choice.”

“[I] don't care [if] you don't like what I look like that is fine!” the teen writes, exasperated by all the bullying.

She goes on to say that she would never make the kind of comments she’s getting about anyone, and that whoever is leaving them is clearly not seeing the bigger picture.

“I'm just being me and I believe in the 100%, I'm only 19 a hell of a lot of people my age would be depressed and forced to change themselves or even feel usesless off the comments I've read but to be honest it's a good job I'm happy with who i am, I know what I'm doing and I'm doing it for me, I don't see muscle as anything masculine at all, I've had a great upbringing no issues with anything like that,” she says.

Her body is the result of many hours spent at the gym (Georgina trains 5 times a week and is on a very strict diet), and she’s proud of all the hard work she put into it.

“Why not try some hard work for a change and eating right I dedicate my entre day to bodybuilding I never miss a meal I never miss a work out or cardio so get that straight. Oh and as for my hair this is bodybuilding not hairdressing you sad little men. My hair my life allllll up to me you's can all have a back seat and [complain] about it on the Internet though,” she writes.

Speaking with the Mail, the teen admits that she often feels the need to cover up in public because people tend to stare, if not actually to insult her for her looks to her face.

Still, she’s happy with what she’s achieved and she’s even convinced she will find true love. Boys are intimidated by her muscles, but she jokes that, with them, bodybuilders are “an acquired taste.”

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