Bull Elephant Turns Chevrolet Aveo Topsy-Turvy

The animal felt threatened, attacked the car and the people in it

A few days back, we reported on how, back in 1894, an elephant derailed a train in order to protect its herd.

Apparently, two British tourists have recently gone through a rather similar experience when a bull elephant decided to attack them and their car.

Thus, the animal turned the Chevrolet Aveo these tourists were driving topsy-turvy. Luckily for Chris Hare and Hellen Jennings, who only recently got engaged, the elephant's tusks failed to reach either one of them.

Still, as seen in the picture above, the car is in a rather bad shape.

“The elephant appeared to walk past the car but then turned back, pushing a tusk against the passenger door and rolling the car. It was terrifying and I just thought: 'But it can’t be possible that this is happening',” Chirs Hare later told members of the press.

The incident occurred in South Africa's Krueger National Park.

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