Build Your Movie Collection with Discounted Flicks from iTunes

Apple just put together a collection of some of the best movies, for almost half the price

The regular price for HD movies in iTunes is well over $14.99. The AppStore editors have lowered the price for some of the most wanted ones so you can build your collection.

This new selection has hundreds of good movies and the Apple staff have sorted them in a few categories: "HD – Limited Time price drops," "Action & Adventure," "Comedy," "Kids and Family," "Documentary," "Drama," "Horror," "Romance, SciFi and Fantasy," "Thriller," "Foreign," "Independent," and "Movie Bundles."
There are exactly 1299 movies in this collection so you can be sure you have at least a dozen favorites. Each of them is now just $9.99 (€7.49), and that is the buying price, but the rental one. 
It is difficult to talk about all of them, so we are going to highlight just a few. If you sort them by release date, you realize that there are brand new movies among them.
Talking about "All-Time Bestsellers," the first one on the list is "Star Trek Into Darkness." This J.J. Abrams blockbuster is part of the new iTunes Extras Program. So for the same price, you can get extended trailers, Director's Commentary and behind-the-scenes footage with interviews of the cast. 
Other well-rated flicks are "World War Z" starring Brad Pitt or Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. If you are into romantic comedies, you may want to get "Friends with Benefits." The collection is not only about new movies. Series like "Indiana Jones," "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" or "The Hobbit" can be downloaded movie by movie. Also, old classics like "Fight Club" or "The Green Mile" can be found on the same list. For a good laugh, you can download "We're the Millers," all the "Hangover" movies, and even newer ones like "Anchorman 2."
Kids will get their favorites too: Disney Hits like "Frozen," "Brave," or "Up," Pixar masterpieces like "The Toy Story" or "Wall-E" and both Despicable Me movies can now be yours. 
Apple makes the movies in your iTunes account available anywhere and anytime as long as you have iTunes on your computer or a compatible device: Apple TV, iPhone or iPad. You can watch the movies and delete them because they will always be available in your account should you even need to re-download them at a later date. 
Make sure to check out this collection in iTunes and get your favorites for a lower price. 

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