Build Games for Ubuntu with Unity 4.0

The Unity game engine now supports the Linux platform!

The Unity 4.0 game engine has been officially released a few days ago, on November 13, bringing support for Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu.

Canonical, through John Pugh, proudly informed us on November 15 that the 4.0 release of the Unity game engine will officially support publishing to the Ubuntu platform, via Ubuntu Software Center.

With Unity 4.0 being released we expect more and more game developers to drop their amazing and hot titles to the Linux platform.

As we've announced a couple of months back, more and more game studios have announced that their games will have native support for Linux operating systems like Ubuntu.

Rochard and Cubemen are two great examples of games that were build using the Unity game engine, offering support for Linux. They are available for download right now from Ubuntu Software Center.

"Millions of Unity developers now have the ability to easily deploy games to the most exciting open platform, Ubuntu. If you just upgraded to Unity 4.0 or are starting out, load up your game, open the Build Settings, and choose the target "Linux" under PC, Mac, Linux Standalone. Then visit the Ubuntu MyApps developer portal, create your new account, and upload."

"You say you are not using Unity 4.0 to build your applications? Geez... go get your free download today and get coding!" said John Pugh at the end of the blog announcement.

Unity 4.0 comes with features like the famous Mecanim animation system, DirectX 11 support, flash publishing through the Adobe Flash Player add-on, and of course, Linux deployment preview.

Unity 4.0 is a commercial software and it costs 1,500 USD (1,175 EUR), but a free, 30-day evaluation version is available for download on the official webstore of Unity Technologies.

"Unity 4.0 is a great beginning, but we are here for the long haul and we’re going to make Unity better and better throughout this release cycle."

"As we said in the original announcement, our goal is to have releases come out at a faster pace because we think it serves you better to give you access to awesome new toys (and fixes) faster than ever before." was stated in the official release announcement for Unity 4.0.

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