Bug Wipeout - TrailRunner 2.1v434 for Mac OS X

Garmin ForeRunner issues addressed in this release

Berbie has released a new version of its route-planning program for Mac OS X, TrailRunner. The app can calculate a route for the desired distance, is freely available for download and can export directions onto the users' iPods.

According to the release notes, TrailRunner 2.1 build 434 fixes a problem where imported Garmin ForeRunner 50 workout imports did not display a workout graph and lap information. Similarly, the update also addresses an issue where dropping a Garmin ForeRunner 50 tcx file without GPS information onto the TrailRunner application icon opened the wrong importer. Lastly, in the diary, setting a route name without an attached route did not store the input. By installing the latest version, this issue should be addressed.

TrailRunner can display maps and elevation data from web-based mapping services like USGS topo maps, import GPS Recordings from Trails for iPhone, as well as import tracks and workouts from GPS fitness devices like the Garmin ForeRunner or Garmin Edge. Users can describe favorite tracks and rate them with iTunes stars, and plan their routes interactively, or automatically for a given distance. Exporting route directions onto an iPod is also possible, as is the ability to journalize workouts in a diary, see progress in a history chart, and ultimately publish a WebLog to MobileMe.

TrailRunner is still in the pre-release state. Although downloading and using the app is free, all current releases of TrailRunner will only run for about three months. Users are advised to regularly update to the most current version, as well as review and accept the License Agreement that comes with the application, before using it. TrailRunner versions above 1.6 (including the one available for download today) require Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to run. The only remaining version supported on Tiger is TrailRunner 1.6. TrailRunner is updated on a weekly basis with very few exceptions.

Download TrailRunner (Free)

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