Buffalo Reveals HDD with SSD Performance

It uses 1 GB of RAM cache to quickly transfer common files

There are lots of files with capacities larger than 1 GB, archives and videos especially, but there are more that don't even come close.

Knowing this, Buffalo used 1 GB of DDR3 random access memory (RAM) in the creation of the DriveStation DDR HD-GDU3.

Long story short, it is an external hard disk drive unit whose 1 GB cache allows it to operate at speeds comparable to those of SSDs.

Which is to say, the read rate is of 330 MB/s.

Obviously, the cache stores the files when copied (800 MB of photos in 3.5 seconds) and then transfer them to the platter in the background.

The USB 3.0 interface is used to link the Buffalo DriveStation DDR HD-GDU3 to PCs, or tablets or whatever else.

By buffering files during larger jobs, Buffalo's drive can even bypass the bandwidth limits of traditional HDDs, the company claims.

Sales should have already started, for $159.99/£129/€123.26 (2 TB) or $209.99/£169/€162.

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