Buffalo Reveals 4TB NAS HDDs, Wants a Small Fortune for It

Not exactly a rival to Western Digital's newest creation, but it will do

Despite appearances, Buffalo's OP-HD4.0T/LS is an example of how queer people, or in this case, IT companies, can be.

Outwardly, the new drive from Buffalo is as plain as HDDs can get, and we must say that the insides probably aren't that unusual either.

What does set the storage unit apart from most others is that, unlike the new WD Black for example, which even has the same capacity (4TB), it is specifically aimed at network-attached storage devices (NAS).

In other words, the HDD is a RAID1-ready 3.5-inch storage unit with SATA support and special propensity for landing inside things like the LinkStation Pro Duo and CloudStation NAS servers, or any other NAS devices with support for the capacity.

The price is a bit ludicrous though, despite, or perhaps due to, the fact that it is already a niche item: $679 / 529-679 Euro.

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