Buffalo Releases USB 3.0 External HDD with 4TB Capacity

It has hardware encryption and can either lie down or stand upright

Buffalo may have been a bit quicker in launching its 4TB hard drive for NAS devices, but that does not mean it doesn't have something for normal customers.

Then again, people who buy external HDDs of 1 kilogram and equipped with AES 256-bit encryption probably aren't the completely normal kind.

At any rate, the HD-LXV4.0TU3C has made its official entrance, with a capacity of 4 TB, a built-in fan, a design that allows it to lie on the side or stand upright, and a power draw of 0.15 W when the drive is idle.

Furthermore, like so many external HDDs today, the newcomer can enter a power saving eco mode when it has been idle for too long. In that state, it only consumes 0.15W, lowering energy consumption by 95%.

As for data transfers, they should be reasonably fast thanks to Turbo PC EX2.

Buffalo expects buyers to pay $458 / 355-458 Euro for the HD-LXV4.0TU3C.


Buffalo HD-LXV4.0TU3C (3 Images)

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