Buffalo LinkStation Ls-Wvl/R1 NAS Has Gigabit Ethernet

Coming to add one more product to the ever increasing collection of available NAS devices, Buffalo has now revealed the existence of the Ls-Wvl/R1, a network-attached storage device with two drive bays and multiple connectivity capabilities.

NAS devices have become a fairly widespread means of adding a large capacity of storage to any home or office network.

For the most part, the reason is because they can store large quantities of data and even stream media content to the PCs plugged into the same network.

As such, makers of storage solutions have definitely been keeping their eyes on this segment, periodically releasing a new model or another.

The latest such device to be unveiled by Buffalo is known as the Ls-Wvl/R1 and is the newest in the LinkStation collection.

The newcomer is, supposedly, much faster than whatever siblings it has and can house two distinct hard disk drives (HDDs).

Depending on what hard disk drives are placed inside those two bays, the unit should be able to pack 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB of storage space.

Furthermore, the new LinkStation features not only the necessary Gigabit Ethernet connection, but also support for DLNA, active cooling and, last but not least, USB 2.0 connectivity.

All in all, this new network-attached storage device should be able to perform better than their predecessors in every way and should become available sometime this month.

As for pricing, the aforementioned 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB LinkStation Ls-Wvl/R1 will ship in exchange for $356, $431, $554 and $679, respectively.

Finally, all of them are backed by a warranty of one year and have already been added, along with all the necessary information, to their maker's official website.

Those interested in a first-hand view of said specifications, and are versed in Japanese of course, need only stop by the official website, located here.

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