Buffalo Flash Drive with Antivirus Comes Next Month

Will sell in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities

The flash drive market has definitely not seen any kind of shortage of new product releases lately. Still, as with all segments of the industry, there is always room for more, especially when newcomers boast a certain advantage not commonly encountered among most of their peers. This is exactly the kind of device that Buffalo's latest model is, though the drive itself, hardware-wise, is not all that exceptional. It is with the software that the real worth of the RUF2-JVS can be found.

Most consumers are more than eager to do it with a regular flash drive unit, as long as it works and has a decent amount of storage. This is enough for carrying around music and video files, or documents. Others, as well as most of the users on the business/enterprise fronts, also want to see a measure of data protection. This is what led to the unveiling of so many encrypted drives and of Buffalo's newest product.

The RUF2-JVS isn't exactly encrypted, but it does have a pre-loaded antivirus utility that protects the contents form any threats a computer may be infected with. This is useful for those that have to access data from multiple systems on a regular basis.

The exact software employed is the USB Security for Biz, provided by Trend Micro. As for the drive itself, it is pocket-sized, measuring 21 (W) x 55 (H) x 9 (D) mm and weighing about 15 grams.

The Buffalo RUF2-JVS boasts a capless design with retractable USB connectors though end-users will have to do without the marvels of USB 3.0 for now. The unit will start selling around the middle of July and will be available in three versions, with 4GB, 8GB and 16GB storage, respectively. Unfortunately, pricing details are still shrouded in mystery.

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