Buffalo 16x Blu-ray Writer Debuts

This is a fairly normal, run-off-the-mill optical drive for PCs

By on November 23rd, 2012 20:21 GMT

There are always odd things to report on as far as the IT market goes, but it helps, every once in a while, to just go back to the normal little things and take a breather.

Fortunately, the past month hasn't exactly been too hectic, despite the launch of the Windows 8 operating system.

Still, we are bringing you Buffalo's BRXL-16FBS-BK and BRXL-16U3 anyway.

The former is a SATA-connected Blu-ray unit, while the latter is a model featuring a USB link and, thus, an actual case.

Though the SATA drive makes do with just a front black bezel, the other one cannot parade around “unclothed”, so it has a black shell.

The BRXL-16FBS-BK and BRXL-16U3 ship with a software bundle (for CD copying, image burning, etc.) and cost $255 / 197.67 Euro and $322 / 250 Euro, respectively.

Buffalo's new Blu-ray drives (3 Images)

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