Brutally Expensive Eidos Reference Blu-ray Player from Goldmund

Hand-made, Blu-ray player comes with breathtaking price tag

If we were to judge the new gear being released by some of the world's most notorious luxury companies, we'd be inclined to ask, “What world recession are you talking about?” Yet, the facts speak for themselves, especially as we introduce to you the world's most expensive (so far) Blu-ray player: the Goldmund Eidos Reference Blu-ray Player. Some high-end gear is expensive, indeed, but, to get your Titanic disc in this player, you have to be filthy rich, as it comes with a mind-blowing $135,000 price tag.

Now, we assume it's no real problem if we ask what this Blu-ray player does for so much money, as Goldmund stands for heritage and a long tradition in the world of extremely luxurious products. And it seems that the Goldmund products tend to have awfully high prices just for that! The Goldmund Eidos Reference Blu-ray Player is hand-made in Geneva, Switzerland, and boasts some features that are supposed to make it stand out from the crowd.

We're talking about spring-loaded feet ensuring top-drawer isolation from the vibrations around its stand, a completely separated power supply for minimum interference and a high-end magnetic damping system that is supposed to keep the disc in a perfect horizontal position during playback. Despite the sly-high price, the Goldmund Eidos Reference Blu-ray Player will not play DVD-Audio or SACD, which is not kosher at all, especially as chances for a firmware update are rather small.

The connectivity section contains an L/R pane of analog outputs and a 5.1 unbalanced group, which is not at all cool for this amount of money. As reported by UltimateAVMag (the guys there have peeked in the owner's manual), the Goldmund Eidos Reference Blu-ray Player has no BD-live or Internet-access features, meaning we're looking at a Profile 1.1 player, which isn't that cool for the aforementioned price tag as well. This player weighs 66lb (29,89 kg) of brass and aluminum and will be produced in a limited series of 50 units: if you plan on getting the Goldmund Eidos Reference Blu-ray Player instead of a new Ferrari, you'd better hurry.

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