Brunettes Better than Blondes in All Respects

New study shows blondes are overestimated

Although it’s been decades that we’ve been hearing that “blondes have more fun” and that “gentlemen prefer blondes,” a new study made by Garnier comes to show that, in reality, it’s the brunette women who actually have the best in life. From the workplace to their bedroom, dark-haired women rank highest in all fields, leaving blondes to settle for the least.

In a survey on 6,000 people, both women and men, cosmetics line Garnier has found that dark-haired women are more likely to earn a salary of over $65,000 a year than their fellow blonde or even red-haired colleagues. Out of the persons included in the survey, 75 percent believed that brunettes are the most intelligent, while a whopping 71 percent would pick a dark-haired woman as an ideal partner.

Speaking of partners and relationships, the poll revealed that, unlike what we might have believed so far, blondes are not the most successful in love, because, oddly enough, they lack the confidence and self-esteem that brunettes have. In turn, more than a quarter of the queried brunettes have rated themselves as above average in bed, considerably more than blondes and redheads. This has prompted psychologist Anjula Mutanda to conclude that brown hair goes hand in hand with confidence and self-awareness, especially after noting that most women see their hair go darker with the passing of time.

“Some hair colors tend to darken naturally with age and so brown hair can be associated with confidence and self-awareness. These positive qualities instill a sense of trust and assurance which is mirrored in how others behave towards them. Therefore many women who become brunettes often report a difference in reaction to them - for the better.” Mutanda explained, as cited by the Daily Mail.

This, again, would account for the many female celebrities, such as Scarlett Johansson and Jordan, once renowned for their blonde locks, who opted to suddenly cross over to “the dark side.” And it’s all understandable, the Garnier poll revealed, since one in every two respondents chose brown as their favorite color. Men too no longer prefer blondes, as the same poll has showed, with them saying that they felt most successful with a dazzling brunette on their arm, as opposed to a mere six percent saying the same about the once “fiery” redheads.     

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