Bruce Willis Donates Private Resort to Non-Profit Organization

Actor bought the resort in the 1990s, is now handing it over to Soldier Mountain Ski Area

When he’s not kicking backsides in action blockbuster movies, and being a loving husband and new daddy, or doing charity work, Bruce Willis also spares a thought for other good deeds as well. The actor has just donated a private resort to a non-profit organization.

Located in Idaho, the resort includes 1,150 acres (4,653,884.8 square meters) of snowy terrain and has been in operation since 1948.

Willis bought it in the 1990s, when he was still married to Demi Moore and both were looking for the perfect little place to indulge in their love of winter sports.

The non-profit organization Soldier Mountain Ski Area Inc. has been created, with Willis handing over the control of the resort to it, Inquisitr reports.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the organization that will be responsible for the management of the Soldier Mountain Ski Area,” the actor says in a statement.

“The community came together, established the SMSA organization, and now assures its continued success. It was exciting to see that the very people who ski at Soldier care so much about its future. I wish them the very best,” he adds.

The aforementioned media outlet notes that the donation was “total,” as Justin Nyquist, spokesperson for the non-profit group, stresses in a statement: Willis isn’t expecting a dime in return.

For the time being, though, he would not reveal any plans for the future as regards the resort, but the community will definitely have a say in them when the time comes.

“Soldier Mountain is the pride of Fairfield. The new owners want to keep it that way. This community meeting is a chance to lay out the ownership change to the town and offer residents an opportunity to ask questions,” Nyquist says in an email cited by the same media outlet.

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