Bruce Willis Blasted as “Mumbling Moron” After BBC One Interview – Video

Fans say he snubbed questions, mumbled, criticized his own movie

Bruce Willis is promoting his latest movie, “A Good Day to Die Hard” or “Die Hard 5,” in the UK right now, stopping by BBC One for an interview with Matt Baker and Alex Jones the other day.

Video of the interview (albeit of low quality) is above. Check it out.

Several media outlets are reporting that viewers at home were outraged by the “torturous” interview, saying Willis came across as an ignorant, “mumbling moron” for dodging questions, keeping his answers short and even criticizing his own movie.

In fact, there’s lots of outrage online because of the interview.

Clearly, this almost always happens when people simply don’t get certain jokes or are not acquainted with the people who make them.

Willis has always had this dry sense of humor and anyone watching any of his interviews can tell it from the start. Plus, it’s not like he could have said a lot of things when all he was being asked was what were his plans for when some asteroid hit Earth.

If the above sounds like I’m being defensive of him, it’s because I am. There is nothing wrong with the interview, right?

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