Bruce Jenner Is Growing Breasts, Keeps Family in the Dark on Plans to Become a Woman

New report says that estranged wife Kris Jenner and the kids have no idea what’s going on

It’s been months that rumors that former Olympian Bruce Jenner is transitioning to woman have been around and, judging by the latest report, they’re not about to die down anytime soon – especially not when photos are also available to “prove” he’s growing breasts.

The picture attached to this article is now making the rounds on Twitter, getting a lot of attention because it supposedly confirms what the tabloids have been saying all these weeks: Bruce Jenner is transitioning to a woman.

It was snapped as he left a surgery clinic where he reportedly got his Adam’s apple shaved off, a procedure often requested by trans women. Besides the long hair and surgically smooth face, Bruce appears to have grown breasts as well.

Despite all these transformations, which “could be fundamentally altering who he is,” he is yet to inform his family of his plans, TMZ says. By family, we are to understand estranged wife Kris Jenner, their kids, and her kids from the Robert Kardashian marriage.

“Bruce has gone through other changes as well, including growing out his hair and nails in a pronounced way. And he seems to be growing breasts. Under the category – the 800 pound elephant in the room – Bruce is saying nothing to his family about the changes, some of which are markers of gender reassignment,” the celebrity publication writes.

“Kim is completely in the dark – he says nothing to her. And she's not alone. A well-placed source on Keeping Up with the Kardashians tells TMZ.... no one on the show discusses the changes in Bruce... and there are no plans to address them on the show,” says the same media outlet.

Bruce and Kris announced last year that they had separated after over 2 decades as husband and wife. Neither has filed for divorce yet and, while there are no plans to get back together soon, both have said that divorce is not an option yet.

The only comment that Kris has made since the transition rumors emerged was about Bruce’s manicure, saying he always liked to have a sheer coating on them. She did not address the fact that he also had long nails, let alone the surgical procedure on his Adam’s apple.

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