Bruce Jenner Gets New Manicure, Is Slowly Turning into a Woman

The former athlete is anything but manly these days

Reality star and former athlete Bruce Jenner chose a very questionable design for his new manicure. He was spotted around LA with a set of long, rounded nails that could have very well been sitting on a woman's hands.

Radar has some very unflattering photos of Bruce who could have his man card revoked for strutting around town with nails like that. While it's become common practice for men to take increasing care of their bodies, Bruce is abusing that practice with leaving his nails just a bit too long and having them just too polished.

This is not the first question mark Jenner has raised. In what seems to be a complete overhaul, Bruce has left his hair grow long and pulled it into a pony tail, done his nails longer than socially acceptable for a man and even sparked rumors of having his Adam's apple shaved off.

Add to that a recent procedure to have his facial hair lasered off, and you have yourself a big conundrum as to what look is Bruce trying to achieve.

Some doctors out there could tell you that these are the first steps undertaken by those who seek gender transformation. While fingers can't be pointed at this time, it has to be said that the circumstances are just right.

Bruce has recently split from his longtime wife Kris Jenner and is now living alone in a beach house in Malibu. Could this midlife crisis be hiding more than just a divorce?

His new manicure already spurred some controversy on Twitter, with some women complaining that he has longer nails than some of them.

As it is, Bruce is still very much a man, even if doing manly chores is going to be somewhat awkward with that new manicure. And it's not like you can complain to your buddies that “you broke a nail.”

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