Browser+: Windows Phone 7 Supports Third-Party IE-Based Web Browsers

Application developers interested in bringing a mobile browser to the newly launched Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system can easily do so, as long as the solution is based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer, it seems.

One such solution was already made available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, dubbed Browser+, with a series of pretty appealing features, even if the solution was built on the IE browser in the beginning.

Priced at $0.99, the browser brings some great functionality to the Windows Phone 7 operating system, including the possibility to see tabs just like on the desktop PC, without the need to access secondary menus and the like.

Moreover, the web browser comes with an incognito mode that should hide the web history.

Not to mention that it also comes with quick access to the search bar, which is available via a dedicated search button, though this might not be a features users could not live without.

According to some of those who already gave the browser a try, it works pretty nicely, while offering a simple and intuitive experience, which adds to the said incognito mode.

One of the main issues the software solution comes with is the lack of landscape support, though the feature might be added into the mix in the near future.

Those who would like to learn a few more details on the new web browser for the Windows phone 7 operating system should have a look at the video embedded at the bottom of this article (via MPCentral).

In case there are some who would like to give the application a try, they would have to purchase it for that, as there is no try-before-you-buy offering.

Those who will download it should know that the browser still has a series of issues, and that it would crash and malfunction. Hopefully, its developer will make it better in the near future.

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