Brothers Blow Up House After Lottery Win

Drug-fueled party ends badly for the big winners, but they live to tell the tale

Two brothers in Kansas couldn’t believe their luck when they found out they were in possession of a winning lottery ticket. To celebrate their $75,000 (€56,062) win, they bought drugs and got the party started at their home.

It all ended badly, with the both of them in the hospital after they accidentally blew up the house – with them in it, The Huffington Post reports.

“One of the brothers went to the kitchen to refuel the butane torches they planned to use to light their bongs. He emptied a couple of large cans of butane lighter fluid, leaking butane into the air,” the HuffPo writes.

“The butane vapor reached the pilot light in the furnace, and as you might expect, ka-boom,” Wichita Police Sgt. Bruce Watts told reporters at a press conference.

One of the brothers was driven to the hospital by his girlfriend, who fled immediately and hasn’t been found since. The other told police they had meth and marijuana at the home.

Both brothers are now in stable condition. They also had children at the house when the accident happened, but they were not hurt. The names of the two men have not been revealed to the press.

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