Brother, Sister Caught on Kiss Cam at Dodgers Game – Video

Guy is so shocked to see himself on the Kiss Cam that he gets up and runs away

For some, to see themselves on the Kiss Cam at a major game can be a reason to be happy, while others are so awkwardly aware of the attention that they would give anything to just be able to run away. Two Dodgers fans found themselves in the latter category the other day.

And this is where things really started to get weird, as the video below will confirm.

It might be expected for whoever is shown on the Kiss Cam to smile in embarrassment or to want to hide their face, but rarely has anyone gotten up from their seats and just ran away.

The guy in the video did it, as he explains himself, because that was his sister he was sitting next to. It was incredibly awkward for him to be shown with her on the Kiss Cam.

At least both can find some consolation in knowing that they are now viral stars.

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