Brookfield Zoo Debuts Baby Giraffe

The calf was born only last week, finds itself in perfect health

The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago recently introduced the general public to its newest addition: a baby giraffe born here only last week.

For the time being, the calf does not have a name, but, then again, that is no reason for it to be bothered in any way, especially since all it presently cares about is bonding with its mother and not going around socializing with the zoo's visitors.

Arnieta, the baby giraffe's mother, is five years old, and Huffington Post reports that it experienced no problems in giving birth to the calf.

Zoo staff explains that the calf is a male that finds itself in perfectly good health.

Given the fact that the calf's mother is a so-called reticulated giraffe, and less than 5,000 of its kind presently inhabit East Africa, the birth of this calf brings new hope in terms of conservation.

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