Brooke Mueller Checks Back in Rehab for Adderall Addiction

Charlie Sheen’s ex wife admits recent hospitalization wasn’t due to exhaustion

Brooke Mueller, one of Charlie Sheen’s ex wives, has checked back in rehab, this time to get professional help for an addiction to Adderall, a prescription drug she’s taking for her ADD, it has emerged.

Over the weekend, Brooke was rushed to the hospital after her personal assistant found her unresponsive in her room and assumed she had overdosed.

As we also noted at the time, Brooke has been to rehab at least 15 times, so her history with drug abuse goes back a long way.

Shortly afterwards, her rep denied she’d fallen off the wagon, as also did Brooke herself. She’s now recanting on her previous statement, TMZ reports.

“Sources close to Brooke tell TMZ, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife #3 says she has addiction issues with Adderall – a psycho-stimulant commonly used for ADD,” the celebrity publication writes.

Before she checked back into rehab, the report further mentions, Brooke told friends that her trip to the ER was caused by her taking way too many Adderall pills.

In other words, she wasn’t “exhausted and dehydrated” as her rep told the press, but had really OD’ed.

“Brooke – who checked into rehab tonight – won't bump into any walls in the middle of the night because she knows the facility very well – she's been there before. She'll be living there for an undetermined period of time,” TMZ writes.

Mueller has two children with Charlie Sheen and they will be left with a nanny and a family member while she’s receiving treatment.

In a short statement to the same media outlet, Brooke’s rep stresses that her new rehab stint has nothing to do with illegal drugs.

“Brooke was uncomfortable with the way Adderall was making her behave. Brooke continues her lifelong battle with drug addiction by taking these steps herself to prevent a further drug relapse,” the publicist says.

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