Brooke Burke to Undergo Surgery for Thyroid Cancer

Dancing With the Stars co-host says she’s “going to be fine”

Brooke Burke-Charvet, the co-host of ABC’s incredibly popular dancing televised competition Dancing With the Stars, has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The star has already confirmed she’s to undergo surgery.

In a statement released to the press and cited by The Examiner, Brooke says a lump was discovered on her thyroid during a routine exam.

She’s already set a date for her surgery and, though she initially had a rather hard time accepting the diagnosis, she’s now at peace with the idea, she says.

More than anything, Brooke wants her fans to know that she’s ok and that she will continue to be so because she’s determined to remain strong no matter what.

“I need to have thyroid surgery and a thyroidectomy, which means I'm going to have a nice big scar right here across my neck,” Brooke says.

“I've booked my surgery. It's taken me a couple of months to really wrap my head around this,” she further says, admitting that she’s known of this for at least some time but wasn’t ready to talk about it until now.

“Now I'm good. I'm ready to deal with it, and I'm going to be fine. I feel really, really strong. Doctors say this is a ‘good’ kind of cancer to have. My doctor did tell me this is a happily-ever-after-ending kind of thing,” the star adds with her trademark optimism.

She further notes that she did not wish to go public with this before because she didn’t want people to think that she was sick, which she wasn’t.

Brooke insists she’s never felt better in her life, which is why she had such a hard time to cope with the diagnosis: in her mind, feeling this good and having cancer simply didn’t go together in the same sentence.

“Here's the way I see it: I'm just going to make a positive out of this negative thing. I'm going to be a really good patient and do everything I need to do. I'm going to be fine,” Brooke concludes by saying.

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