Brooke Burke’s Secrets to Stay Slim

Model and television personality stays in shape by eating smart

Undeniably, Brooke Burke has one of the most enviable figures in the world, it has often been said. The model, television personality and one-time dancer (but an accomplished enough one to win one season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars) keeps in such amazing shape by working out whenever she gets the chance and, most importantly, by having learned to eat smart, as How Celebrities Lose Weight can confirm.

One important aspect one should mention is that Burke is also the mother of four children and that, despite being in her late 30s, she continues to have the same killer bod she had when she was younger. That’s because she learned, a while back, that it was much easier to eat healthily and smart than eating junk and then doing something stupid to lose ten pounds or so. Because of her highly individualized diet, Brooke doesn’t go on a weight-loss diet – she just maintains her figure, while also being very healthy and not refusing herself anything in terms of food.

Another thing that Brooke wants fans to know is that she doesn’t starve herself. As she sees it, a good diet is one that does not let you starve, but keeps you full and getting all the energy you need. Consequently, the star eats five times a day: breakfast, a snack in mid-morning, lunch, a snack in mid-afternoon and, of course, dinner. This routine ensures that she never goes famished, therefore, she completely eliminates the danger of overeating, while also remaining in total control of how many calories she ingests.

“The main point of this weight loss diet plan is not to starve your body. I’m not a big believer in these crazy cleanses and fast diet fads because I think they’re quick fixes and you always put the weight back on. Here are my weight loss tips for the women out there who want to have a body like me: find a healthy lifestyle and go on a healthy weight loss diet plan aka smart-food choices that you enjoy, it’s so much easier than the panic of all of a sudden needing to do a quick weight loss to drop ten pounds,” Brooke says.

She starts off the day with oatmeal and fruit, then has a snack of her choosing and a big salad with some protein for lunch. For dinner, she has dishes that include fish and vegetables. In fact, Brooke believes that, as long as you eat plenty of fruit and veggies, you can have the kind of body you want, because they will also ensure you have more energy to be more active. Though she’s not the one to function by self-imposed limits where her diet is concerned, Burke does her best to avoid refined sugars, carbs and dairy products.

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